How to Get the Best Hotel Deals

Hotels are essential when travelling outside your home area. Everyone wants a good deal on hotels as accommodation could comprise a sizeable chunk of the travel expenses. Below are tips on how to get the best hotel deals when travelling. Research Plan your trip early. Since you already know which cities you will be visiting, do some research on which hotels are available in that area. If you decide to look for hotels on the D-day, you are likely to be in a rush, therefore, losing the chance of getting a good deal. Read More 

A frugal foodie family holiday: 4 tips for saving money on food while holidaying with kids in the city

Travelling is expensive, especially with a hoard of hungry kids in tow. If you're planning a family holiday and want to keep the meal budget to a minimum, check out these four tips for saving money on food while holidaying with kids in the city. Stay in accommodation with kitchen facilities Once of the greatest obstacles to frugal meal preparation on holidays is staying in a place without a basic kitchen. Read More 

Can’t Afford a Gun Safe? Consider These Alternatives

Not everybody can afford a gun safe, which is the best way to secure your firearms. A high-quality safe that's been properly installed can protect your guns from unauthorized access (children, thieves, and irresponsible adults) and disasters. While you're saving up to make that investment, consider these alternatives: Miniature Safes/Vaults These small safes are ideal for handguns. Some are designed to slide underneath your car seat, with a cable lock to secure the box to the seat post. Read More 

Upgrade Your Celebration - Make it One to Remember!

If you're going out on the town for a special occasion, don't let it end up like just any other night — hopping from bar to bar with your group and hoping that something memorable will happen.  Start out the night with intent!  There are a number of ways of doing this, and they all involve a little advance planning and money — but if you want to really polish up that party and make it stick out in everybody's minds, that's definitely time and money well spent. Read More