How to Get the Best Hotel Deals

Hotels are essential when travelling outside your home area. Everyone wants a good deal on hotels as accommodation could comprise a sizeable chunk of the travel expenses. Below are tips on how to get the best hotel deals when travelling.


Plan your trip early. Since you already know which cities you will be visiting, do some research on which hotels are available in that area. If you decide to look for hotels on the D-day, you are likely to be in a rush, therefore, losing the chance of getting a good deal.


Have a threshold for the services you require during your travel. Always inquire if you have to pay an extra charge for the services. Hotel services include:

  • Meals. Most hotels will offer you breakfast and are always ready organise lunch and dinner.
  • Wi-Fi. 
  • Cable television. Cable television will help you keep in touch with what is happening back home if you are in a foreign country. 
  • Laundry services. Depending on the hotel status, you may or may not get laundry service.
  • Transport. Some hotels will offer airport transfers. 


Location is a key consideration when looking for a hotel. You must ensure that the location is safe and accessible. Remember that the hotel's location significantly influences the pricing. Ask yourself if the price difference is considerable before making your choice

Call the hotel. 

Most hotel chains have toll free numbers that customers can use to book. However, call the specific hotel's number when booking. Some hotels will be ready to give you good discounts if they have a low occupancy rate. 

Loyalty programs. 

If travel a lot, enrolling to hotel's loyalty programs could help you get huge discounts from time to time. You will get some points every time you make a return to the hotel or when you refer someone to the hotel.


You will get excellent hotel deals if you are good at timing. Business hotels are busy during weekdays while resort hotels are busy during weekends and holiday seasons. As such, if you want a good deal, book resort hotels during weekdays, and business hotels during weekends and holidays. 

Try something new.

Do not fear to try out new hotels as you travel. As you are one of the new customers, you are likely to get an incredible and unforgettable service as they want to retain every customer that walks in through their doors.

To get the best hotel deals, research early, decide which services you want, decide on the location, join loyalty programs and try out new hotels.