A frugal foodie family holiday: 4 tips for saving money on food while holidaying with kids in the city

Travelling is expensive, especially with a hoard of hungry kids in tow. If you're planning a family holiday and want to keep the meal budget to a minimum, check out these four tips for saving money on food while holidaying with kids in the city.

Stay in accommodation with kitchen facilities

Once of the greatest obstacles to frugal meal preparation on holidays is staying in a place without a basic kitchen. When planning your city holiday, finding the right balance between proximity to city activities and comfortable accommodation equipped with a fridge, cooking facilities, plates and utensils should be a top priority. While you may spend a little more than basic hotel accommodation, a holiday unit with a kitchen will save you serious cash if you take full advantage of the convenience while you stay.

Carb load at lunch time

Whether you're dining out or eating a lunch meal prepared yourself, eating a big lunch is a great way to save while on holiday in the city. Lunch foods are often much cheaper to purchase, particularly if you visit a market or street vendor at the right time of the day! Kids are often happier to eat a large lunch meal when you're out exploring the city, so you can relax if they only have a peck at dinnertime. Chat with your accommodation provider for hot tips on cheap lunch foods around where you're staying.

Water isn't just for fishes

Buying soft drinks, juices and even coffees for mum and dad while travelling can add up very quickly. Keep it simple for your frugal family city adventure and make sure you take your own supply of fresh water while exploring. Whether you're happy to drink the tap water from your hotel, or you buy a box of spring water to refill the family's drink bottles at night, you'll find that you will not only save money but also ensure your family stays hydrated and healthy throughout your holiday.

Snack packs to the rescue

Snacking can be another major expense while travelling, and if you wait until your family is hungry to think about a snack or meal, you're likely to make impulsive, expensive and unhealthy meal decisions. Take the time when you first arrive in the city to purchase your family's favourite dry snack foods, a packet of snaplock bags and plenty of fruit and veggies. Spending the first night of your stay portioning out snack packs of biscuits, nuts, crackers, fruit and sliced veggies is a great way of planning for the unknown, as you explore the city in the coming days. Simply stock up on snacks in the morning before you leave the hotel, and you'll have the freedom to sightsee without concern for the closest convenience store.

For more information on cheap eats, food discounts and great picnic spots in the city, chat with your friendly accommodation provider for local knowledge and advice.